Bangor company creates 14 new jobs on back of web innovations

Photography: Parkway Photography

Pictured (L-R) are Oonagh Hinds, Manager of Invest NI’s Eastern Regional Office and Andrew Cuthbert of Omnisoft Services.

Bangor-based company Omnisoft Services Ltd has created 14 new jobs in an expansion driven by the growth of its web design services and the development of a new product for the educational market.

The expansion is being supported by Invest Northern Ireland, which has offered £44,000 of support for 11 of the jobs through its Jobs Fund scheme.  

Omnisoft Services was set up in 2009 to provide web design services but has recently diversified into web-based games for children and social media management strategies. The latter is being developed under the brand name of Socially Driven and aims to obtain marketing connections for small to medium sized companies who at present do not have a social media voice.

The new educational product is called Game to Learn and is targeted at 7–11 year olds for use in primary schools. It is a fun learning resource that has already been trialled in some schools and has received a very positive response.

Oonagh Hinds, Manager of Invest NI’s Eastern Regional Office, says: “Omnisoft Services is a forward thinking company that has identified opportunities to develop its products and services and expand into new markets. With Invest NI’s support it has been able to put in place the staff needed to progress its innovative Socially Driven and Game to Learn products.

“The Jobs Fund is part of Invest NI’s Boosting Business initiative, a direct response to the economic downturn, which is helping businesses through a range of support measures.”

The new jobs are now in place but Omnisoft Services is continuing to recruit and its employee numbers are increasing month by month.  As a result of the product developments the company anticipates increasing its sales to over £3 million a year. This will include over £1 million of export sales.

Andrew Cuthbert of Omnisoft Services says: “We are very excited about the potential of both Socially Driven and Game to Learn, Social media has hugely impacted on the way that businesses communicate with their customers but there are many small businesses that do not have the knowledge or resources to really take advantage of what it offers. That’s where Socially Driven comes in.

“Game to Learn has been well received and we are already considering how to develop it to cover other age groups. The support we received from Invest NI’s Jobs Fund really made a difference in allowing us to quickly put the jobs in place that we need to progress these projects.”"