Belfast Company Lights Up Kuwait

AM Light, the Belfast-based specialist in architectural lighting, has won its first export business, assisted by an Invest Northern Ireland trade mission.

The company, a developer and manufacturer of cold cathode lighting solutions for private and public buildings, has won significant contracts in Kuwait and Dubai. It is supplying exterior lighting for a major health clinic in Kuwait City and to a new luxury hotel resort in Dubai.

AM Light, an east Belfast company, took part in the Invest NI mission to Arabian Gulf markets last year and followed up a series of contacts with architects and specifiers developed during the week-long business trip.

Chris McNevison, AM Light Director, commenting on the new business, says: “With help and advice from Invest NI’s Northern Ireland Technology and Development Centre in Dubai, we pinpointed a number of potential clients throughout the Gulf and arranged to meet them during the mission.

“Our objective on the mission was to explore the market and to develop contacts among specifiers involved in construction projects. As it was our first mission, there was no expectation to come back with orders. We were given the opportunity to submit proposals for a number of projects at the meetings and subsequently secured two significant contracts. These will give us the reference sites we need in the region to show our expertise and the quality of our products.

“The guidance and practical support that we received from Invest NI before, during and following the mission were first class and contributed towards securing this breakthrough in an important market outside the UK.

“Indeed our whole engagement with Invest NI has been extremely beneficial. Our client executive has been very supportive and has enabled us to grow our business through a range of initiatives including the Design Development and Process Development programmes,” he adds.

Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director, welcoming AM Light’s success in the Gulf, says: “Winning significant business on a first mission to highly competitive markets in the Arabian Gulf is a tremendous achievement. It usually takes a couple of trips before business results.

“AM Light has turned an opportunity into firm business quickly and discovered that it can compete successfully in these important markets. The company followed up leads quickly and worked closely with our marketing team in Dubai, where good business continues to be available to companies prepared to invest time and other resources. As AM Light has demonstrated, there’s excellent business available in other neighbouring markets including Kuwait.”