Belfast firm launches digital music kiosk

Invest Northern Ireland has helped Belfast based Ripfactory to develop and promote a new product, the CD2 retail kiosk, which has enabled the company to grow business in Europe, the USA, Canada, South Africa and Dubai.

Ripfactory develops hardware and software solutions for transferring digital music and films from CDs and DVDs to MP3 players and home entertainment systems. The CD2 retail kiosk has evolved from the company’s original ‘Ripstation’ product, developed with support from Invest NI.

CD2 is an interactive stand alone module that enables the customer to purchase a CD in a shop and transfer the music onto their MP3 player or mobile phone at the point of purchase. This means that the customer can leave the shop with music in two user-friendly formats.

Invest NI support of nearly £100,000 has helped with research and development (R&D) and marketing, as well as assistance to participate on trade missions in the United States and Europe.

Maurice Patterson, Invest NI’s Eastern Regional Office Manager, said: “Ripfactory is a company which has fully embraced the concept of innovation. Its original Ripstation product was highly successful, but the management has continued to seek new solutions and a different way of doing things, which has culminated in the development of the CD2 kiosk.

“Furthermore, the company is benefiting from the high level of skills in Northern Ireland as it develops more new products in order to keep ahead of competition.”

Patrick McGrath, Managing Director ofablished distribution channels through sales teams in the US and Canada. Other exports are continuing to rise st Ripfactory, said: “The CD2 retail kiosk was launched in London in late June. With the help of Invest NI, we have esteadily, particularly in France and Italy, as well as in markets such as South Africa and Dubai.

“We are currently in talks with major music retailers and are in the process of securing the placement of the kiosk in music retail stores nationwide,” added Mr McGrath.