A Belfast software company has increased its overall effectiveness and profitability after implementing an internationally recognised software process improvement system.

Liberty Information Technology, which is involved in the development of insurance and financial service software, has adopted the Capability Maturity Model for Software (CMM) with the help of Invest Northern Ireland’s Business Improvement Services.

CMM has become a standard for assessing and improving software processes and addresses a wide range of activity including basic project management controls, organizational issues, preventing defects which lead to rework and managing changes in technology or processes.

On a recent visit to the company Leslie Morrison, Chief Executive of Invest NI, said that more local companies could benefit from embracing such structured systems to maximise the quality of their products and processes and help them compete successfully in the international marketplace.

“In an increasingly competitive global market, local companies have to demonstrate that they are using world-class methodologies, such as CMM, in their development processes,” he said.

“Invest NI, through our Business Improvement Services, is helping companies identify and implement relevant standards and methodologies, increase their overall capability and add value to their operations.”

Liberty IT is a wholly owned subsidiary of American owned Liberty Mutual. It was set up in Northern Ireland in 1997 and has already exceeded its target employment level.

Gordon Bell, managing director of Liberty IT, says that the company adopted the CMM methodology to improve bottom line performance and secure new business.

“Many companies in the emerging economies are using such methodologies as a way of securing inward investment from Western markets, so for us to compete in the world market we need to be working to the same standards. We chose CMM because it is the standard being demanded by the leading companies in the financial services sector. Invest NI’s assistance in implementing the model was invaluable.”

Invest NI’s Business Improvement Services assists companies to increase performance through techniques that enable them to assess their current competitiveness against internationally recognised standards within their business sector.