Broadband - The Architecture of the Future

Invest Northern Ireland in conjunction with the Construction Employers Federation (CEF) has identified a number of new exciting opportunities for Northern Ireland's Construction industry through the adoption of technologies such as Broadband.

Seeking to raise awareness of these opportunities Invest NI will hold a ‘What can Broadband applications deliver to the Construction sector?’ seminar on the 23rd of June at the Invest NI e-solutions centre, Lisburn.

Tracy Meharg, Managing Director of Innovation & Capability Development Services, commented:

“E-commerce is taking on an increasingly important role within the business world as more and more companies are recognising the real cost benefits that it can bring. We must ensure that every business sector in Northern Ireland realises that by adopting e-business technologies they will be able to enhance their service offering and improve their overall profitability.”

The Invest NI backed seminar is the culmination of two highly successful pilot programmes, designed to illustrate to the NI Construction sector the business benefits of Broadband.

“By successfully utilising e-business applications, which are delivered via Broadband, a company can improve its productivity, reduce costs, collaborate more effectively with business partners and break into new and more profitable markets.

“Without Broadband they will be unable to compete in today’s information driven business environment and could, potentially, fall far behind their competitors,” continued Ms Meharg.

Tony Doran, Managing Director of the CEF, commented:

“Those attending the seminar will be able to speak to the pilot participants, network with leading members of the Construction industry and exchange views on the latest Broadband technologies.

“Our most recent pilot project demonstrated that Project Extranets, supported by Broadband technology, can provide real business benefits at all stages of small to medium sized construction projects and tenders (around £1m).”

A Project Extranet is a secure internet based system which improves efficiency and communication between people in different locations working together on a construction project. The industry is increasingly using this technology on many large scale projects.

“We are grateful for the support, financial and otherwise, provided by Invest NI. We would also like to thank all those individuals from different sectors of the industry who have contributed their valuable time to the pilot project,” continued Mr Doran.

At the seminar details will also be given on accessing the funding available from Invest NI for the adoption of Broadband and a discussion will be held on the Government’s intention to use Broadband as the main delivery mechanism for a series of procurement initiatives.

For more information please contact Invest NI on T. 0800 515319, or e-mail Alternatively you can log on to for further details.