Brookvent Wins First Order in New Zealand with Invest NI Assistance

Dunmurry-based Brookvent has been assisted by Invest Northern Ireland to win its first business in New Zealand for its innovative window ventilation systems.

The company secured an initial five figure deal with Fairview Windows of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest window manufacturer, for its market leading window ventilation systems. The deal followed two Invest NI supported visits to New Zealand to explore market opportunities there.

Brookvent’s latest success – it also exports ventilation systems to Central and Eastern Europe, Netherlands and China – was welcomed by Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director.

Dr Kell said: “Brookvent has used a range of our trade development services to support an ambitious business growth strategy that is now producing tangible benefits in terms of a substantial growth in business in international markets.

“We have sought to encourage companies, especially in construction and building products, to look closely at opportunities in emerging markets in Asia Pacific, such as Australia and New Zealand, by arranging sectoral trade missions in particular.

“New Zealand is a small but attractive market which has exceptionally strong links with the UK and has been investing substantial amounts on infrastructure projects. As a result of its historic links, doing business there is very similar to the UK.

“If a product or service is successful in the UK, there’s a good chance it’ll be successful in New Zealand. As is the case with most global markets, it rewards companies, such as Brookvent, which are prepared to commit the time and other resources to developing contacts there that will lead to worthwhile business,” added Dr Kell.

Brookvent Managing Director, Declan Gormley, commenting on the new export business, said: “While New Zealand is a distant market, we’ve found that it is one with very significant opportunities for our products because of the growth particularly in new homes and the updating of existing residential accommodation.

“It’s a market with a very strong focus on environmental issues including energy conservation. It is this strategic focus that makes our market leading ventilation systems so attractive to window manufacturers and builders.”

Brookvent has also established a presence in the New Zealand market in mechanical ventilation sector, having signed an agreement with a major mechanical ventilation distributor last year.

Brookvent employs 48 people at its manufacturing operations in Dunmurry Industrial Estate and in addition to this it has a growing presence in Poland with a team of 12 people. Brookvent designs and manufactures energy saving ventilation systems, ranging from highly efficient HRV systems to high performance window ventilation systems.