Brow Packaging invests in new products and export growth

Brow Packaging is investing £360,000 in a new range of packaging products and to expand its sales, particularly in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

The company, based at Prince Regent Road in east Belfast, is being assisted by Invest Northern Ireland to increase its competitiveness and thereby grow its business in export markets.

The family-owned and managed business, formed in 1943, has identified new markets for its longstanding expertise in the extrusion and printing of lighter gauge polythene film and has invested in new equipment and marketing initiatives.

As a result of this strategic investment, Brow Packaging, which employs 52 people in manufacturing and distribution, is now able to offer existing and potential customers in food processing and waste management new film for polythene bags, sheeting and wrapping products.

The expansion was announced by Jamie Brow, Brow Packaging’s Financial Director, and welcomed by Maynard Mawhinney, Invest NI Director of Food, at the company’s premises, where it has been operating successfully since 1969 in supplying products to customers in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland as well as Northern Ireland.

Mr Brow said:  “The introduction of a new range of high and medium density polythene products is a direct response to a significant business opportunity that we have pinpointed from our experience in the marketplace and from contacts with existing and potential customers in Northern Ireland and particularly in the Republic.

“To exploit the business opportunity and increase our overall competitiveness we are investing in new equipment and modernising existing machinery. We have improved our information technology systems to cope with the increased volumes of work. We are undertaking a ‘Process Improvement Mapping’ exercise to score operations and improve efficiency and overall effectiveness.

“This investment will enable us to offer customers much lighter gauged bags, which, apart from making us much more competitive, opens up new business opportunities,” he added.

Mr Mawhinney said: “This important expansion will enable Brow Packaging to build on its impressive reputation as supplier of quality products and customer-focused services.

“The investment in new products is in line with our focus on encouraging and assisting companies to develop innovative products particularly for markets outside Northern Ireland.

“The new products have been developed in response to market opportunities which are now developing throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland for lighter gauge and biodegradable film. These products will enable customers to reduce waste and are in line with the packaging industry’s waste obligations.”