Building The Future With Invest Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland recently hosted an Off-Site Construction (OSC) seminar in the Glenavon House Hotel, Cookstown to raise awareness of the potential opportunities within this rapidly growing sector of the construction industry. A total of 43 delegates from 27 companies attended, many of whom are currently involved in the development of these types of products.

The process of Off-Site Construction involves the assembly of two or more building components in a factory environment to provide a partial or complete building or building system which is then delivered to the site. These components previously would have been delivered separately to the building site and then assembled in situ.

OSC offers the advantages of faster construction, increased quality control and increased health and safety. There is also the opportunity for substantial cost savings to be made.

Speaking at the seminar Darren Richards, Operations Director with the Mtech Group said:

“Despite the advantages of OSC, the technique still requires intelligent exploitation. Design solutions should utilise industry best practice in order to acquire the most effective OSC solution for the building. By using OSC effectively, construction companies and manufacturers alike should be able to increase their profits, while addressing the needs of the client.”

A specialist consultancy in OSC the Mtech Group offers a bespoke and tailored approach to its clients, matching their needs with the most appropriate and effective products in the marketplace.

Kevin McCann, Director of Transport, Construction and Tourism with Invest NI commented:

“In organising this seminar we are helping to promote a new trend within the construction industry which will provide many opportunities to those involved in the manufacture of innovative Off-Site Construction products. By adopting such practice and through a collaborative approach such manufacturers will be able to remain competitive. In addition, development of such products will assist the construction industry address key issues while continuing to provide a high quality built environment”.

Participants at the seminar were able to network with local manufacturers of Off-Site Construction products and discuss ways of targeting this rapidly growing market sector.