Calling All Champions of Enterprise

The search is on for Northern Ireland’s most enterprising individuals to receive a new Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion, designed for people who play a significant role in encouraging or developing entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in others.

Co-ordinated regionally by Invest Northern Ireland, which seeks to accelerate local entrepreneurship and generate wealth, the Awards will go to individuals who have encouraged enterprise and innovation in others by mentoring or networking.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown has endorsed the new Awards, commenting:

“We should celebrate the entrepreneur, opening up enterprise to everyone who works hard and has talent. This new Award for enterprise will reinforce the whole country’s support for the best of UK business.”

The new Award for Enterprise Promotion complements the well-established Queen’s Awards for Enterprise that reward collective efforts by top performing businesses in International Trade, Innovation and Sustainable Development.

Up to ten Awards will be granted each year and in addition a single Lifetime Achievement Award may go to an individual judged to have carried out consistent and high quality promotion of enterprise culture over a substantial period of time.

Leslie Morrison, Chief Executive of Invest Northern Ireland commented:

“This new Award is an opportunity for Northern Ireland to showcase the real innovators who inspire those around them to become involved in enterprise and take the risks that will lead to long-term business success.”

The Awards are open to business people who successfully engage young people in entrepreneurship, as individuals, through schools or youth organisations, or who develop business support services for hard-to-reach communities – proving that businesses can be run successfully in disadvantaged areas to create jobs and improve local economies.

Nominations may be made from 21st April up to midnight on 31st October, entry forms together with background and guidance notes are available on The Queen’s Awards Office website on


1. On 14 July 2004 it was announced that The Queen had approved an additional Award for Enterprise. This is for individuals and is called The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion, to recognise outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of an enterprise culture.

2. There will be up to 10 Awards each year plus one Lifetime Achievement Award if there is an appropriate candidate. Recipients will be presented with an engraved crystal glass commemorative item and a Grant of Appointment and will be invited to a Reception at Buckingham Palace.

3. The Queen will make the Awards on the advice of the Prime Minister who is assisted by an Enterprise Promotion Assessment Committee. Membership includes representatives of Government Departments and Agencies including the Small Business Service, the Department for Education and Skills, and the Department of Trade and Industry as well as the Small Business Council and other business organisations.

4. People must be nominated for the Award. They may be nominated by colleagues, beneficiaries of their work or other business or personal associates. Nomination forms are available on The Queen’s Awards website at or from The Queen’s Awards Office (telephone 0207 222 2277). Nominations may be made between 21 April and midnight on 31 October each year for Awards announced the following year. The Awards will be published in the London Gazette.

5. Enterprise promotion covers encouraging or facilitating the sort of skills and attitudes which are found in an enterprise environment, whether in a commercial business or a social enterprise. This list illustrates the types of activity which nominees might have undertaken. It is not intended to be exhaustive and may be amended over time.

· Establishing an organisation which offers new role models and novel business models to motivate people to engage in enterprise;

· Developing innovative methods to increase understanding of business processes in interesting and fun ways and supplement formal business skills provision;

· Increasing the number of small business volunteers/mentors in experience schemes;

· Increasing enterprise awareness amongst those who are likely to have an influential role in people’s career choices;

· Pioneering methods that set out to demystify the risks of enterprise and promote the development of skills to manage that risk;

· Developing partnerships between the business community and educational institutions or youth organisations;

· Working to change the perception that deprived areas are not places where businesses can be established and run successfully.

6. In addition, the Committee will consider whether the individual’s activity relates to particular target groups who are likely to benefit eg young people (whether or not in full-time education); and/or disadvantaged communities and under-represented groups and will take this into account.

7. The Lifetime Achievement Award would be given for consistent and high quality promotion of an enterprise culture over a substantial period of time. This Award will only be given for an outstanding record of achievement and may not be granted every year.