Carrickfergus consultancy signs joint venture in Sri Lanka


BRC Partnership in Carrickfergus has signed a joint venture to provide management training and coaching to top business people in Sri Lanka, following an Invest Northern Ireland trade mission to India and Sri Lanka.

The consultancy agreement was announced by Alan George, BRC’s Business Development Manager, and welcomed by Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director. BRC will work with Mr Anil Wijesinghe, Chairman of the Council for Business with Britain (CBB) in Sri Lanka.

Mr Wijesinghe, a prominent Sri Lankan businessman for more than 20 years, has been the driving force behind CBB’s current involvement in a national teacher training course for English teachers in Sri Lanka. For some years he has recognised the need for professional business training in Sri Lanka, which he now hopes to see fulfilled in entering this joint venture with BRC.

The new partnership will be launched at a series of public training events in Colombo in December.

Dr Kell said: “This is an important success for a Northern Ireland company specialising in professional services in a market that is developing rapidly and in which businesses are particularly keen to secure knowledge and expertise in key areas such as management and leadership from Europe.

“The contract provides a springboard which BRC can use to explore the vast opportunities developing in the neighbouring Indian marketplace. It now has a very strong and influential partner in Sri Lanka with whom it will gain skills and experience as it continues to build contacts to enter the Indian market as well.

“We introduced Sri Lanka into our mission programme earlier in the year, because companies wishing to build business in India can use it as a market entry channel.

“This joint venture is another significant boost for our drive to encourage Northern Ireland companies, both large and small, in professional services to market their expertise, particularly in developing international markets. We recognise that many such companies in Northern Ireland have valuable proficiencies and knowledge gained over many years, skills which are now in great demand in many international markets.”

Mr George said: “Taking part in the recent Invest NI trade mission to Sri Lanka and India enabled us to assess opportunities in both markets and to make contact with several potential clients.

“The Invest NI mission was extremely beneficial in helping us to identify a potential partner and then to reach agreement with them. They were attracted to BRC because our company has the required expertise and a real commitment to enter these new markets. BRC has a growing national and international reputation for excellence in training, consultancy, facilitation and coaching.

“We are now working on designing leadership and training programmes that suit the specific needs of Sri Lankan companies and their individual managers. We are confident that the contacts in Sri Lanka will lead shortly to business in key Indian business centres, where there are substantial opportunities for our specialist skills,” he added.