CE Marking May Help in Tackling Export Markets

Speaking at a seminar for a group of 20 companies, which recently completed CE Marking of products through the programme, Tracy Meharg, Invest NI’s managing director of Innovation and Capability Development, said CE Marking shows insurers that companies are taking “a responsible and professional approach to product safety”.

The programme was provided in association with the Institute of

Lifelong Learning at Queen’s University, Belfast. Further programmes for new companies are planned for 2004.

Ms Meharg said: “The ever increasing litigation against manufacturers and

their individual managers drives home the importance of product safety.

A well-engineered and safe product, CE marked and perhaps type-

tested, supplied with the appropriate information goes a long way towards

safeguarding a company and its management team.

“In addition, there is some evidence that insurers are influenced by

such a transparent and structured commitment to safety by individual

companies, and this can be reflected in premiums,” she added.

The programme comprises technical seminars and individual consultancy at the client's premises. It focuses on risk assessment (product), technical information required, instruction manuals, product testing, declarations of conformity and CE marking.

A series of three programmes have been organised over a 2 year period for approximately 20 companies per programme. The seminars are held at InvestNI and Queen’s University venues , while the bulk of the consultancy is undertaken at the clients' premises.