CM Machinery wins new business in Switzerland


CM Machinery in Craigavon has won new business in Switzerland with advice and support from Invest Northern Ireland.

The new contract, which is worth around £400,000 to CM Machinery, is for the design and manufacture of cutting and stacking machinery for lightweight extruded composite foam boards being made by the Swiss company and for use in display and advertising products.

The company’s latest business outside Northern Ireland was announced by Liam Quinn, CM Sales Director, and welcomed by Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI’s Trade Director.

Mr Quinn said: “This is hugely important business for us with a leading European corporation and will involve us working in conjunction with a German company, MGP Engineering of Cologne, in the development of the complete extrusion line.”

“The contract strengthens our market position as a significant European player in providing bespoke end of line equipment such as cutting, stacking and winding systems for the extruded plastic sheet and similar industries.”

“Around 50 per cent of our business is currently sourced outside Northern Ireland. Our customers range from relatively small independent companies to major multinational corporations and on all occasions we provide a customised machinery solution to suit a specific customer application. Our flexibility is our strongest card when competing with larger sized and more established competitors.”

“The very practical support we received from Invest NI’s team in Dusseldorf was invaluable. Over the past few years, they have helped us to identify potential customers and partners, making initial contacts and in lining up meetings with the right people.

“We’ve been able to tap into their immense market knowledge and their experience of business procedures in Germany and other German speaking regions. Overall, the advice and guidance they have provided has strengthened our confidence and enabled us to develop good business contacts especially in Germany,” he added.

Dr Kell said: “CM Machinery is the latest local company to take advantage of the services that our Dusseldorf office provides, to businesses here interested in doing business in Germany and neighbouring markets. It’s immensely encouraging to see the business that CM has now secured in Switzerland, and I am confident that other companies here can take encouragement from CM’s success in this exacting marketplace.

“Invest NI is keen to see many more Northern Ireland companies focusing on the opportunities there and benefiting from the knowledge, experience and commitment of our team in Germany. Companies can use Dusseldorf as an ideal platform for growth in Germany and other major markets including France. Our staff will work closely with companies which are really committed to these markets.”