Coleraine web business sets sights on exports

Coleraine internet software business Redback Creations is aiming to boost export sales of bespoke products with advice and assistance from Invest Northern Ireland.

Invest NI is providing support for Redback Creations to increase capability in key areas such as design and client management through its Growth Accelerator Programme (GAP).

The objective is to help the company grow its business faster in target markets including Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, France and Belgium. The support will create two high value posts for experienced people in key disciplines such as design and customer services.

The sharp focus by Redback Creations on faster export growth was announced today by David Curry, the founder of Redback Creations, and welcomed by Des Gartland, Manager of Invest NI’s North West Regional Office in Londonderry, at the company’s offices in Coleraine.

Mr Curry said: “I recognise that if the business is to achieve the growth that I believe it is capable of, this can only be realised by investing time and resources on developing markets outside Northern Ireland.

“My objective is to drive export sales, particularly to the Republic of Ireland, to around a third of total earnings by 2011. It’s a challenging objective which, I am convinced, is achievable.

“Invest NI’s support will allow me to recruit the key staff required and to mount a professional marketing drive in the Republic for the new products that the company has developed. Research has indicated that there is a significant market opportunity in this and other markets.

“In addition, the new recruits will contribute to new product development, a key aspect of our business approach and one designed to ensure our long-term competitiveness in a challenging market,” he added.

Mr Gartland said: “This is a small and enterprising company which is aiming to establish a position in the Republic as quickly as practicable.

“GAP support offers the company easy access to the financial support it needs to build its marketing capability and to enter its target market quicker than would be possible using other programmes.

“This strengthening of the management team will enable the company to concentrate on further developing sales outside Northern Ireland, thereby placing it in a position fit for the expected growth in the business which it is forecasting,” he added.

Redback Creations was established in 2000 and has primarily focused on localised web development work. It has since developed bespoke products which have been well received and have been proven to be robust and cost-effective for customers.