Companies seek business in Slovenia and Hungary

Ten companies are taking part on a week-long Invest Northern Ireland trade mission to Slovenia and Hungary next week (9-14 May). The group will be based in Ljubljana and Budapest.

The mission is part of an ongoing programme to Invest NI trade activities in Central and Eastern Europe that focuses on nations that have joined the European Union over the past few years.  Other missions have targeted Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director, commenting on the mission, said: “Our extensive research has indicated that both these markets offer significant business opportunities to Northern Ireland companies across a broad range of sectors.

“Slovenia, for example, is one of Central Europe’s most advanced economies and, like Hungary, is benefiting from substantial EU investment in areas such as infrastructure. Slovenes’ high spending capacity presents significant opportunities for our exporters, though they will be competing with Slovenia’s main trading partners, Germany, Italy, Croatia, France and Austria.  

“Hungary is the UK’s third largest export market in Central and Eastern Europe and is also quite a sophisticated region with strong traditions in engineering, food and biotechnology. The country has a successful track record in aerospace and automotive engineering and includes some of Europe’s biggest car makers such as Audi, Opel and Suzuki.

“In addition, extensive spending is underway to modernise its infrastructure. For example, around £207 million is being spent on improvements at Ferihegy Budapest International Airport. These include cargo facilities, a new terminal hangar, a 4-star hotel and a business park.

“Companies taking part in the current mission have all been helped by us to pinpoint specific opportunities in both markets and each participant has a programme of meetings with potential customers. Our support package will also enable them to return quickly to the markets for follow-up discussions with those keen to do business there.”