Contract experts form partnership in Saudi Arabia

Quigg Golden, the Belfast-based international consultancy specialising in dispute resolution within the construction industry, has formed a partnership in Saudi Arabia following an Invest Northern Ireland trade mission to Saudi.

Quigg Golden has linked up with Majed Garoub, a leading law firm in Jeddah, and is now offering its expert contract resolution and arbitration services to the construction industry in the Gulf kingdom.

The partnership was announced by Edward Quigg, a Quigg Golden Director, and welcomed by Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director. Mr Quigg will spend time in Jeddah to develop business throughout Saudi Arabia.

Mr Quigg, commenting on the partnership, said: “The agreement with Majed Garoub gives us a solid platform in Jeddah, one of Saudi Arabia’s most dynamic construction markets. Huge investment in infrastructure, including a £4 billion expansion at Jeddah’s King Abdullaziz International Airport, is currently underway.

“During a series of visits with Invest NI to Saudi and other Gulf markets we identified a substantial business opportunity for our expertise in resolving problems over contracts in key industries such as construction and engineering. Our services cover arbitration, adjudication, conciliation and mediation.

“The infrastructure projects are on such a huge scale involving many international contractors, that contractual issues are inevitable.

“In addition, we offer extensive training services to clients, which are in tune with the focus of the Saudi authorities on developing the skills of their own people. Our partner will be able to draw on our experience gained over 20 years in contract dispute resolution to public and private sector clients. Our approach to the market also benefits from Sharia Law which supports conciliation and arbitration.

“I’ve found Invest NI missions to be an ideal way to explore new export markets. They are very well organised and have enabled me to pinpoint and meet potential clients. Being part of a mission also provides scope to exchange information and knowledge with other Northern Ireland companies,” he added.

Dr Kell said: “Quigg Golden is the most recent company to benefit from our strategic focus on developing relationships within the vibrant construction industry in Saudi Arabia. We now have a network of highly placed contacts within many of the kingdom’s biggest construction businesses including the influential Saudi Bin Laden Group.

“As well as helping Northern Ireland contractors and civil engineering businesses to explore opportunities in Saudi, the biggest marketplace in the Middle East, we’ve been keen to encourage and assist professional practices in areas such as contract resolution, architecture, quantity surveying and urban planning, to look closely at this huge marketplace. Northern Ireland has significant expertise in professional services with real export potential.

“It’s immensely encouraging to see Quigg Golden setting up this potentially very significant strategic partnership in Jeddah. The company has spotted an opportunity and moved quickly to establish a strong position in the market through this knowledge transfer agreement with the legal practice in Jeddah,” added Dr Kell.