Craigavon Firm EMS Helps Azores to Recycle Packaging Waste

Craigavon-based Environmental Marketing Solutions (EMS) is helping two islands in the Azores to tackle chronic packaging waste problems after securing a series of export deals worth more than £2 million in Portugal, the Middle East and Great Britain, with support from Invest Northern Ireland.

EMS, a specialist in the bespoke design, manufacture and installation of waste recycling solutions secured the business from the authorities on Terceira and San Miguel, two of the nine islands in the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal. The company has used a range of Invest Northern Ireland support including trade missions, to develop its business for its recycling systems in target export markets.

Harry McCourt, EMS Managing Director, commenting on the new contracts, said: “Winning the business in the Azores follows our success in Portugal where we have installed a number of recycling systems over the past year.

“The Azores imports virtually everything which has led to substantial packaging recovery issues. The authorities on Terceira and San Miguel approached EMS for advice and we designed waste management systems using the latest vermiculture technology - Mechanical & Biological Treatment with Worm Technology (MBTW). We also joint ventured with a Portuguese expert company for deploying the biological reactor which utilises millions of worms of the specie Eisenia Foetida known as Red Californian.

“The machinery was manufactured in Northern Ireland and shipped to the Azores in flat-pack format for our technicians to assemble and commission there. It’s the first time that we’ve developed waste management systems using vermiculture and is a good example of our expertise in designing systems that meet the specific needs of individual clients. We work closely with our clients to shape waste management solutions that they need and will work efficiently.

“Invest NI has been immensely supportive to EMS since start up with assistance to help us recruit key management personnel and develop new products. We have also had marketing and other practical support to participate in trade missions to target markets in Europe and the Middle East. We have identified substantial opportunities in these markets for our recycling expertise and our focus on adding value through bespoke design.”

Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director, welcoming the company’s export achievements, said: “EMS has a wealth of experience in recycling and is now establishing itself in international markets by adding value to the engineering skills that are to be found in Northern Ireland, now recognised as a global centre of excellence for the Materials Handling Sector particularly in screening and recycling technologies.

“Invest NI teams have been working closely with this ambitious and export-focused company to assist management in developing the extensive opportunities that are growing worldwide for effective solutions to waste management and recycling issues. As EMS is demonstrating, our engineering companies have the experience and skills to harness these opportunities and thereby boost our export performance and strengthen the position of advanced manufacturing here,” added Dr Kell.