Creagh Concrete wins £2.4m business in Great Britain for innovative flooring

Picture by Harrison Photography

Pictured (L – R) are Gerry Feenan, Creagh Concrete, Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI, and Jacqui Burns, Creagh Concrete.

Creagh Concrete in Toomebridge has won business worth £2.4 million in Great Britain over the past seven months using market intelligence from Invest Northern Ireland.

The company, a specialist in concrete products for construction and building, turned to Invest NI for up-to-date market data and information. This enabled Creagh to pinpoint opportunities among housebuilders in GB for its highly innovative SpanTHERM pre-insulated flooring, which is produced at the company’s Co. Antrim factory.

Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director, said: “The success experienced by Creagh Concrete in GB is an excellent example of how companies can use the wealth of accurate and current intelligence from both electronic and hardcopy sources, that’s readily available from our Business Information Centre. This resource helps companies to obtain essential market information and pinpoint potential business opportunities that can enable them to expand sales successfully outside Northern Ireland.

“Our experienced staff work with companies, both large and small and in all sectors, wishing to expand business outside Northern Ireland. We provide accurate data that meets essential business needs such as the size of a target market, information about potential competitors, the financial position and reputation of possible customers or partners, as well legislative requirements and business procedures. Also available is a comprehensive range of business directories detailing key operatives.

“The data helps companies to develop a strategic approach to a target market that’s likely to lead to the successful achievement of business outside Northern Ireland, as the experience of Creagh Concrete indicates.”

Jacqui Burns, National Sales Manager, Creagh Concrete, said: “The housebuilding sector in GB, the target market for our new insulated flooring, has changed radically over the past few years as a result of the economic downturn. Builders have merged, downsized and gone out of business, and we needed to update our market knowledge before launching SpanTHERM, pre-insulated flooring which offers very low flooring u-values and faster on-site construction.

“Invest NI provided current data about the scale of the market in GB for our new flooring and information about the housebuilders that we needed to target. Staff in the centre were knowledgeable and immensely supportive. It really is a fantastic resource for local companies, a great place to concentrate on research away from the distractions of the office and should be the first call for all local companies eager to sell products or services outside Northern Ireland.

“Information and support from BIC certainly helped to ensure the success of the launch of our new pre-insulated flooring product in GB. We would have struggled to compile our marketing and sales plans without the help from Invest NI, as we could not have justified the spend on the various market reports that we needed. Invest NI’s Business Information Centre is an excellent source of information.

“The business we’ve secured over the past seven months has been extremely encouraging and important to the future of our operations,” she added.

Invest NI’s Business Information Centre is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Sustainable Competitiveness Programme for Northern Ireland.

Creagh Concrete has also received support from other Invest NI programmes including Grant for R&D towards the development of pre-insulated flooring systems. The Grant for R&D programme is also supported by the European Regional Development Fund.