Cutting edge IT company improves efficiency and increases profitability

Invest Northern Ireland has helped ICS Computing, a Belfast based software and information technology services company, to make significant improvements in both efficiency and human resource developments over the past three years, leading to £600,000 worth of savings for the firm.

The project has encouraged ICS to embrace a culture of continuous improvement, revising its policies and processes to save money in various areas of the business, which led to the increased turnover.

The company’s Managing Director, David Mawhinney, says: “We have made some real changes to our personnel policies within the company, introducing more precise recruitment procedures, management training, individual job related planning and a flexible benefits scheme for employees. All of these improvements have led to a better matching process between people and jobs, lower absenteeism and staff turnover, and a much happier workforce.”

ICS, which has expanded throughout the UK, Ireland and most recently India, made the savings by participating in Invest NI’s Business Improvement Agent Programme. The initiative involves the employment of an agent, who works to eliminate unnecessary costs and develop more efficient business processes. The aim is to produce savings of at least three times the agent’s salary.

Mr Mawhinney continued, “Service control measures have led to better customer service and increased revenues. Throughout the period of engagement in the Business Improvement Agent Programme, we have improved our operating standards to ISO 14001, reducing waste and enabling us to secure more contracts. It shows how one or two adjustments in production processes really can have huge returns on investment.”

Victor Jordan, Invest NI’s Director of Business Improvement Services, commented: “We have helped ICS to make major improvements to their business.  The company clearly understands the importance of reviewing processes and procedures on an ongoing basis for maximum benefit.”

ICS’s participation in the Invest NI Business Improvement Programme was part funded by the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation.