Delap and Waller Embraces Broadband to Boost Business

Delap and Waller, one of Ireland’s largest engineering consultancy practices, has been assisted by Invest Northern Ireland to enhance its expert services to clients by applying the latest internet-based communications technology.

The consultancy, which has been advised and supported by Invest NI’s North West Local Office (NWLO) in Londonderry, is harnessing broadband and applying sophisticated software to improve its efficiency and competitiveness by streamlining internal and external communications, including access to key information about projects for clients.

Liam O’Hagan, Delap and Waller’s managing director, says: “Invest NI assistance and guidance on the development of this client focused investment has been immensely important and beneficial to the company. It is providing greater management control, more effective reporting systems and enabling all those working on a particular project to access relevant data seamlessly and more efficiently.  

“Since all relevant information about a project is now accessible from our web-based system employees are able to track progress faster and easier than ever before.

“The overall benefits for the firm will be reduced costs of doing business, continuous improvement in our customer interface, streamlining of day-to-day activities, and improved management reporting/monitoring of business performance.

“In short, this investment is improving our overall capability and strengthening the performance of the business in a very competitive marketplace,” he adds.

Kevin Helferty, NWLO manager, says: “Delap and Waller is an established and successful services exporter that is now strengthening its position in target markets by taking advantage of broadband communications technology.

“As a result of the government’s investment in broadband, this important technology is readily available to companies, both large and small, in virtually every part of the North West. By embracing this technology companies can compete efficiently and cost-effectively in the global marketplace. Promoting the application of broadband is part of our ‘being international’ focus which aims to encourage many more local companies to explore and to exploit business opportunities in world markets,” he adds.

Founded in 1911, Delap and Waller has offices in Derry, Antrim, Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Sligo and includes among its regular clients ‘blue chip’ companies such as Marks and Spencer, Boots, Coca-Cola and CitiGroup. It has successfully completed projects throughout Ireland, Great Britain and in overseas markets such as West Africa, the Middle East, Korea and Eastern Europe

It currently employs around 75 people in Northern Ireland and a further 100 in its other locations. The firm is standardising all software and operating systems as part of the investment.

In addition to building services and environmental engineering, the firm also specialises in energy project management, water treatment and waste water treatment.