Enterprise Minister congratulates B/E Aerospace on plant improvements


Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster visited B/E Aerospace (UK) in Kilkeel today to commend the firm on the operational improvements it has made at the plant.

B/E Aerospace in Kilkeel manufactures and assembles business, premium economy and economy class seating for the world’s leading airlines. It is the world leader in its market and Kilkeel is one of the main manufacturing facilities within the US firm B/E Aerospace Inc. It is estimated that a third of the seats flying today are made in Kilkeel.

Arlene Foster commented: “B/E Aerospace is making a valuable contribution to the manufacturing sector in Northern Ireland. It has significantly improved its operational efficiency over the past few years to ensure it remains a cost competitive location for manufacturing aircraft seats, and the first choice for airlines awarding new projects.

“B/E Aerospace’s workforce has adapted and been flexible to change which, as a result, has boosted the plant’s performance. It is this sort of innovative approach that has helped build Northern Ireland’s reputation as a centre of excellence among some of the most respected businesses in the aerospace sector.”

Neil Cairns, Vice President and Managing Director, B/E Aerospace in Kilkeel said: “We are continually focused on investing and improving our plant processes to meet the requirements of our global customers. We will continue to explore opportunities with Invest NI to secure the long term success of the B/E operations in Kilkeel.”