Fermanagh benefits from the Industrial Symbiosis Service

Invest Northern Ireland’s recent Industrial Symbiosis (IS) event in Fermanagh has helped local businesses to identify potential cost savings of £2.8m.

The event brought 25 local businesses together to discuss and identify opportunities to match resources which may otherwise end up in landfill. As a result, 117 potential collaborations were identified.

Robert Douglas, Managing Director of Douglass Windows in Enniskillen, one of the delegates at the event said: “This event has helped me understand how Industrial Symbiosis can help Douglass Windows identify and achieve real cost savings on materials which we are currently disposing of. We are now talking to the companies who matched with our resources and are looking forward to finding some sustainable and resource efficient solutions.”

Attendees heard from Tim Monroe and Gareth Campbell of Smiley Monroe who described the benefits of Industrial Symbiosis to their company.

Based in Lisburn, Smiley Monroe exports conveyor belts, systems and services worldwide but needed to find an outlet for off-cuts of conveyor belting from their manufacturing plant. Gareth Campbell outlined how the IS service had initially helped them to identify a supplier of shredding equipment that could reduce the rubber to a saleable crumb. The IS service then identified a local outlet for the crumb which is now used in the manufacture of cow comfort products for international markets.

Tim Monroe, Marketing Manager at Smiley Monroe, said: “The IS service has been an invaluable tool in identifying opportunities for cost savings but went a step further to find possible outlets for off-cuts of conveyor belts and rubber sheeting from our manufacturing facility.”

Olive Hill, Invest NI’s Director of Innovation and Technical Solutions, said: “The Industrial Symbiosis service is helping organisations such as Smiley Monroe to generate significant savings by recycling used materials and diverting waste from costly landfill. I would encourage more people to explore how this service could benefit their business.”

Companies wanting to contact Invest NI’s Industrial Symbiosis service should contact Elaine.kerr@international-synergies.com or call 028 3833 3438.