First Invest NI Mission to Taiwan

Fifteen companies are taking part in the first Invest Northern Ireland trade mission to Taiwan. The mission will be in Taiwan from 4-6 October. Eleven companies will then explore business in South Korea from 7-10 October.

The group will meet companies in Taiwan to develop opportunities that have been identified in areas such as trade and technology transfer.

Included in the delegation are companies from a broad range of businesses such as high technology leaders in scientific cameras, digital audio compression systems, traffic management and silicon solutions.

The mission has been organised by Invest NI with assistance from the British Trade and Cultural Office in Taipei.

Most of the companies are new to the market and are seeking representation there. With the assistance of Invest NI’s China office, they have carried out extensive market research and have identified trading opportunities in Taiwan.

Among the companies already doing business in Taiwan are two Belfast businesses, Andor Technology, a global leader in scientific cameras for low-light research, and APT, an established pioneer in digital audio solutions for broadcasting and telecommunications.

Queen’s University Belfast is also taking part in the visit and will be seeking to build on the existing close links, particularly on research projects with government agencies and higher education institutions in Taiwan.

The group also includes Dale Farm, Northern Ireland’s biggest dairy business which specialises in cheese, butter and milk powder for clients in international markets.

Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI’s Trade Director, commenting on the mission, said: “The visit to Taiwan is another example of our strategic focus on encouraging and assisting companies to find new markets that offer significant opportunities.

“The key Asian economies are showing signs of a strong recovery. After a difficult period, Taiwan is projected by JP Morgan to grow by around five per cent in the fourth quarter of 2009. South Korea, another market for the mission grew by 15 per cent in the second quarter.

“Overall, Asian economies, led by China, are projected to achieve a nine per cent GDP growth in 2010. China is also included in our mission programme for November.

“The missions to Taiwan, South Korea and then China will enable our companies to tap into markets that are driving global recovery,” added Dr Kell.

Two companies, Devenish Nutrition, Belfast, and Xperience, Lisburn, are seeking joint venture manufacturing partners in Taiwan and South Korea.

Eleven companies will then travel to South Korea for business meetings, from 7-10 October.

The delegation is being assisted by commercial staff at the British Embassy in Seoul, who will be hosting a reception for the delegation and Korean customers.