Flite Software export success in China

Flite Software in Londonderry has won business in China with assistance from Invest Northern Ireland.

The company, based at Springtown Road, is recognised as a market leader in the design and development of software for pipelines worldwide. It has won a contract worth £85,000 for its innovative fluid flow product.

Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director said: “China is another strategically important market developed by Flite Software, a technology-driven company that currently sells all its products and expertise outside Northern Ireland.

“This latest success is a demonstration of what can be achieved by small businesses across Northern Ireland through a commitment to export growth and engaging with Invest NI. Flite Software has made effective use of Invest NI trade missions to China and expert in-market support.”

Flite’s fluid flow technology is used to prevent blockages in pipelines used for a wide range of liquids from chemicals to slurry. Its software has been developed for pipeline engineers and operators, preventing blockages that inhibit the free flow of liquids, gases and slurry as they are pumped through a pipeline.

Michael Ross, Flite Software Managing Director said: “We are excited by the opportunities that we’ve identified in China following our appointment of a distributor in Beijing. We took part in several Invest NI trade missions to the market and were also helped to identify a suitable distributor by Invest NI’s in-market trade adviser.

“The distributor introduced us to a leading international corporation involved in the movement of chemicals. This led to an initial contract worth around £85,000 for the software and technical support. Invest NI’s advice and practical support were immensely important in enabling us to establish a presence in this market.

“As well as support for our penetration of the Chinese market, we’ve used Invest NI consultancy support to develop a network of 20 distributors in around 20 global markets.”