Foster launches new skills support as Moy Park invests £6million


Picture by Parkway Photography

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster joins Moy Park CEO Nigel Dunlop to announce a £6 million investment in training, supported by Invest Northern Ireland, at the Craigavon-based food processing company. The Minister also launched two new Invest Northern Ireland initiatives – the Skills Growth Programme and Skills Accelerator Grant – which are aimed at encouraging skills development by supporting businesses with training costs.

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster today announced a £6million investment in training by Moy Park, Northern Ireland’s largest food processing company, supported by Invest Northern Ireland.

Based in Craigavon, Moy Park is one of Europe’s leading poultry companies, employing over 5,000 people in Northern Ireland.

Invest NI has offered Moy Park almost £1.5million of support for a comprehensive two-year training programme. The aim is to improve skill sets across the company and ensure all employees deliver ‘best in class’ performance.

Announcing the investment the Minister said: “This significant investment in training reflects Moy Park’s understanding that a high skills level within the company is fundamental to sustainable growth and in particular to continued success in international markets.

“The investment coincides with Invest NI’s launch of two new skills initiatives that are designed to encourage and support skills development across the wider business base.

“The Skills Growth Programme will provide discretionary financial support for training activities focusing on higher skills, with an emphasis on those which are essential to the development of the economy such as management and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based subjects.

“In addition, a new Skills Accelerator Grant has been launched specifically for small companies which currently export or are ready to begin exporting. The scheme will provide funding of 50% of eligible training costs up to a maximum grant of £10,000.

“These initiatives underpin the NI Executive’s and Invest NI’s drive to increase investment in skills to drive productivity and business growth.”

Nigel Dunlop, Moy Park Chief Executive said: "Through this significant investment in training, we aim to improve competitiveness and profitability and deliver more innovation through high performing people and great teamwork so that we can continue to grow in the UK and international markets.

"Our objective is to be the most effective, efficient and safe organisation of our kind in Europe through the skills and commitment of everyone in Moy Park. Invest NI's support has been vital in enabling us to take forward this ambitious training programme."