Fostering cross border entrepreneurship links

Key policy makers, researchers and practitioners working in the field of entrepreneurship across the island of Ireland came together this week to explore how they can co-operate to increase entrepreneurial activity in Ireland.

They were attending a one-day seminar entitled Fostering Entrepreneurship – A Celtic Perspective on Innovation and Capability Building, which was organised by Invest Northern Ireland and took place in Newry.

The seminar included presentations from international experts who outlined best practice at national and European level. There were also themed workshops during which participants discussed topics such as innovation, education and entrepreneurship, how to reach under-represented groups and small business development.

Graham Davis, Invest NI’s Director of Local Economic Development, says: “The seminar brought together the people from the three sides of the entrepreneurship triangle: policy, research and practice. Our aim was to explore how we can more fully integrate these three aspects to maximise the effectiveness of our work to accelerate entrepreneurship in Ireland.”

Around 70 people attended the seminar including representatives from Forfas, IntertradeIreland, Enterprise Ireland, universities and colleges, councils and research organisations.

Invest NI is currently working with the University of Ulster, the Irish Network of Researchers and Teachers in Entrepreneurship, and the Dundalk Institute of Technology to bring the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship’s annual conference to Belfast in 2008. This high profile international conference will help to further strengthen ties within the entrepreneurship network across Ireland.