GoReport finds key to international success


Innovative mobile technology developed by GoReport in Belfast with assistance from Invest Northern Ireland has won significant business from users in the UK, US, South Africa, Australia, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe.

The company has used a range of Invest NI programmes to develop and market the technology which enables tablets to be used to quickly take visual images and video, make sketches, add text, dictate and transcribe notes.

The web application then automatically generates fully customisable reports and other documents for professional purposes such as site surveys, valuations, inspections and assessments using the latest cloud technology.

GoReport’s growing success in export markets was announced by Chief Executive Officer Conor Moran, a chartered mechanical engineer, who founded the business in 2011, and welcomed by Olive Hill, Invest NI’s Director of Innovation and Technology Solutions.

The company, which currently employs six people, has received R&D, technical support and marketing assistance from Invest NI to develop online sales via its website. In addition, the company has benefited from Invest NI’s Northern Ireland Spin Out (NISPO) Fund with investment through the Proof of Concept and Invest Growth Funds.

Mr Moran, commenting on the recent business successes, said: “GoReport is based on my own experience of producing reports for major companies across a range of industries including engineering, infrastructure, construction, and manufacturing and how painfully inefficient and time consuming it can be.

“GoReport transforms a tablet into a digital assistant that can quickly generate stunning professional reports from a range of data sources including text, dictation, video and images.

“GoReport uses cloud technology and streamlines the formatting and production of high quality reports. Companies already using the service say that it reduces administration costs by up to 90 per cent and enables them to deliver quality and accurate information faster than using conventional processes.

“Invest NI’s assistance in developing GoReport has been invaluable. For instance, the idea to harness the potential of mobile digital technology available from mobile devices came from an Invest NI technical expert. I’ve also received guidance and support to develop the GoReport trade mark and to launch the product at a major digital technology event in London.

“Go Report is now being downloaded by international, national and local customers from our website and customers can pay by subscription or qualify for an enterprise credit account,” he added.

Olive Hill said: “GoReport is working closely with our technology and business development teams and is now benefiting from their knowledge and experience. The company has now automated the production of professional reports using the latest digital technology. By applying mobile technology GoReport has brought the report production process into the 21st century and developed an effective and time saving solution for busy professionals.

“As a result of the successful launch of the highly innovative software and the business now flowing from international customers, GoReport is positioned for even faster growth particularly in its target markets.”

Invest NI’s R&D support is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.