Gulf fitness club turns to a Northern Ireland trainer

Holywood company, MWM Sports Management Group (MWM), which has been assisted by Invest Northern Ireland, has been hired by a fitness club in the Arabian Gulf to help its management team achieve peak performance.

The contract with the exclusive Sharjah Ladies Fitness Club, is the first time the club has agreed to a male trainer working with its exclusively female management team in the development of high performing teams.

The coaching is being provided by Max Williamson, Performance Coach and MWM’s founder and Managing Director, and being supported by the company’s Dubai-based staff. Invest NI’s Technology and Development Centre in Dubai has provided practical support and guidance about business practices in the Gulf.

The contract is the latest in a series won by MWM in the Gulf region and follows its participation on Invest NI trade missions which MWM used to establish a position in this important global marketplace. The Holywood-based company now includes a number of high profile organisations in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar in its client portfolio.

Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director, welcoming MWM’s latest success in the Gulf, said: “The contract is a tremendous endorsement of the highly professional services being provided by this enterprising Northern Ireland company to a very broad range of clients in the Gulf.  

“It’s a further indication of how a local company offering expert services can compete successfully in a dynamic global marketplace by investing the time and resources required to develop a strong presence.

“We’ve helped the company to achieve its strategic objectives by providing expert guidance, especially by means of our team at Dubai Internet City, and through our programme of trade missions. The Gulf is now among our most successful global markets and one in which small and medium sized businesses are increasingly making a significant impact.”

Commenting on the business with Sharjah Ladies Fitness Club, Mr Williamson said: “We’ve been operating in the Gulf for around five years and have won a number of major contracts to provide expert services across a broad range of areas including management development, sports coaching, event management, and sports and leisure recruitment.

“This track record led to us being recommended to Sharjah Ladies Fitness Club to provide coaching for the club’s management team. It’s our most challenging contract to date because of cultural differences and the role of women within the Gulf region.”