Hearing the Sweet Sound of Success with Invest Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland has helped local firm Henderson Music Ltd hear the sweet sound of success through the adoption of broadband technology.

A leading provider of quality musical instruments Henderson Music Ltd, based in Londonderry, was set up by the Henderson family over 30 years ago. Recognising the need to modernise the company’s communications Gerry Henderson contacted Invest NI’s broadband advisory service for help.

“Invest NI provided an invaluable helping hand. They were the catalyst that gave us the confidence to decide to go for it with broadband. The benefits we experienced from this gave us the confidence to go ahead with a new web site and move into e-commerce to help attract new customers,” said Gerry Henderson.

Using broadband has radically improved the communication capabilities of the company helping it to modernise and significantly reduce the number of expensive telephone bills.

“We have several suppliers around the world from as far away as Shanghai. The cost of communicating with them via fax and phone was extremely expensive. Our dial-up internet access was relatively slow and the cost per call was proving to be too expensive.

“We decided to go with broadband because it was always available at an affordable cost and enables us to communicate with our suppliers and customers at a faster speed,” continued Gerry.

The company’s new website www.hendersonmusicireland.com has been in operation for over two months and is already bringing in new clients, many based in Europe.

“We now have a fully operational e-commerce website that cost us less than half of last years spend on paper based advertising to develop,” said Gerry.

Commenting on the importance of broadband for business Alan Neville, Director of Knowledge Management with Invest NI said:

“It is widely acknowledged that broadband connectivity is having a major influence on enhancing the competitiveness of business. By using this technology local firms across Northern Ireland will be able to put themselves on a level playing field with their competitors worldwide.”