Hundreds of People Urged to Take Up The Business Challenge

Almost 400 hundred people attended Invest Northern Ireland’s recent ‘Go for it – the enterprise show’ at the Seven Tower’s Leisure centre in Ballymena.

Organised by Invest NI and its enterprise partners the two-day event marked the end of ‘Go for it’ week in Ballymena which was specifically designed to encourage increased entrepreneurial activity.

Commenting on the success of the week, George McKinney, Invest NI’s Regional Manager of the north-eastern local office said:

“We, in conjunction with our enterprise partners, organised a number of different events throughout ‘Go for it’ week, which were attended by over 800 people, on a broad range of business issues such as the proper use of IT, innovation, female entrepreneurship, energy efficiency and the start a business programme.

“These events all helped to develop existing businesses as well as encourage potential entrepreneurs to take up the business challenge and go for it,” he continued.

Local celebrity chef Jenny Bristow shared her experiences of setting up and running a highly successful business at the show alongside Harry Harpur, a renowned motivational speaker, who discussed the personal qualities and attributes needed to be successful.

Invest NI Board member Debbie Boyd also spoke at the event, giving the attendees the benefit of her wide-ranging business knowledge and experiences of the trials and tribulations of business life.

In total over 56 appointments to local economic agencies were made at the show to help potential entrepreneurs focus on starting a business.  

Speaking on the benefits of the event Graham Davis, Director of Entrepreneurship at Invest NI said:

“Events like these are critically important in encouraging small to medium sized businesses, which form the bedrock of the local economy, to establish and form strong foundations from which to expand. The show was designed to act as a catalyst for people thinking of starting a business as well as a source of fresh ideas and advice for those businesses seeking to grow in new directions.

“By encouraging enterprise at a local level we will we be able to ensure the future success of Northern Ireland’s economy,” he continued