ICT Sector Gets Global Sales Boost

The Northern Ireland ICT sector will become globally competitive but only if it addresses crucial marketing and sales issues. That was the key message from Invest Northern Ireland at the second Global Complex Sales Academy held last week at the Manor House Hotel, Fermanagh.

The Invest NI Global Complex Sales Academy was created by Invest NI in direct response to an identified need from the ICT sector for enhanced sales and marketing expertise. The Academy is specifically designed to assist technology-led companies which are keen to exploit global opportunities.

“The Northern Ireland ICT sector is one of the most innovative and technically advanced in the world. There is huge potential for local ICT firms to trade in a global market, gain international recognition for their expertise and make an even greater contribution to the local economy. That is why the Invest NI Global Complex Sales Academy was created,” said Michele Shirlow, Head of Trade Sectors at Invest NI.

“By enhancing export success through the development of sales skills in international markets, and addressing crucial marketing and sales issues, participating ICT firms can improve their skills in relation to export market entry and be encouraged to embrace a more strategic approach to sales development.”
Ian Graham, Chief Executive of Momentum – The Northern Ireland ICT Federation added: “A world class sales force, confident in dealing in international markets, is probably the most vital ingredient in building a successful global company. The Invest NI Academy is an important tool in developing the sales skills and techniques necessary for international success.”

Nine companies joined the Academy for an intensive four day training session which focused on developing essential skills required to sell services or products effectively in global markets. Specific emphasis was given to the US market.