Innovative Environmental Company Launched in Toome

Toome company, CaterWaste Products, a new startup business, is investing £140,000 with Invest Northern Ireland’s assistance to manufacture and market four innovative waste control products for the catering industry in local and international markets.

Assistance for the new company, which has been formed by Michael Dorman, its managing director, was announced today by Kevin Helferty, manager of Invest NI’s North West Local Office (NWLO) in Londonderry. NWLO is providing assistance towards project costs including patents and marketing. Five new jobs will be created by the company over the next two years.

The products, which include ‘GTS GreaseTrap’ and ‘GreaseCatcher GC50’, are designed to offer a simple but effective means of trapping and retaining waste solids, such as fat, oil and food, from kitchen waste water. The company has received guidance and support for the development of the products from Invest NI’s Design Development Programme. It has also been assisted by Invest NI’s Trade unit to test market the products recently at IFAT, the international environmental services exhibition, in Munich

Mr Helferty says: “This new business is based on Mr Dorman’s already extensive experience in waste treatment with Grease Trap Services, a company he formed  in 1995 in Magherafelt to provide solid waste collection services to the food industry. The new range of products, which will be made and marketed by CaterWaste Products, will focus on dealing with liquid waste and are based on Mr Dorman’s knowledge and experience.

“He knows what running a startup business requires and how to succeed through a strong customer focus on innovation and excellent services. Environmental services is also a key growth sector for Invest NI. This investment will help to strengthen the sector in Northern Ireland through the development of a new company focused on innovation and exports. It will also provide new employment opportunities in a predominantly rural community,” he adds.

Mr Dorman said: “The new products have been designed for the collection and separation of liquid waste such as fat, oil and food to enable restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets and canteens to meet EU directives for better waste management.

“The range of products includes systems which can be installed where space is limited under sinks and to fit into existing pipework. They have an internal hydraulic system which means electricity is not required. The design also enables operators to empty the systems easily on a daily basis.

“Working prototypes have already been successfully installed in two local fast food outlets and feedback has been immensely encouraging. Our research also indicates that the products are unique. As a result, we believe there’s a significant market opportunity,” he adds.