Innovative Local Firm Sets its Sights High with Invest Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland is supporting NC Engineering (Hamiltonsbawn) Ltd, based in Armagh, with an ambitious expansion project that will increase the company’s current capability and create 25 new jobs, boosting staffing levels to an all time high of 90 employees.

Formed in 1975 the company specialises in the production of high value engineering products tailored to individual customer needs, which has led to NC Engineering (Hamiltonsbawn) becoming a global supplier of specialised construction and farming related machinery.

To assist the company with this project Invest Northern Ireland has offered selective financial assistance of £275,000 towards total project costs of approximately £1.5million.

Brian Dolaghan, Director of Engineering and Business Services with Invest NI commented:

“NC Engineering has managed to retain its competitive edge in recent years by diversifying its product range into the construction sector and focussing on growing its client base. By manufacturing high quality bespoke products the company has managed to export as far afield as the Middle East, the USA and Japan. This new project will help strengthen its position in these markets and will allow the business to expand into new ones.”

Through careful management and investment in innovative research and development the company has also managed to avoid many of the recent events that have had a particularly damaging effect on the agricultural sector such as Foot and Mouth and the BSE crisis.

Norman Nicholl, Managing Director with NC Engineering (Hamiltonsbawn) Ltd commented:

“We work in a challenging business sector which has faced a number of very tough challenges in recent years. However our strength as a company lies within our ability to adapt and overcome these challenges. By creating the right product that exceeds our customer’s needs and expectations we have managed to attract clients from across the world and stay one step ahead of our competitors.”