Interactive Conference Helps Business Embrace Innovation

Invest Northern Ireland’s Innovation Week continues today with a flagship conference that aims to show how innovation can re-energise business. The Think Different Grow Fast Conference will have an invited audience of local business people who will be inspired and challenged to look at their business from a different angle.

The conference’s keynote speakers are Richard Seymour and Dick Powell, Europe’s best known product design duo. By taking an innovative approach to design, the pair have helped leading brands such as Casio, Tefal and Nokia to produce market leading products.

Invest NI’s Chief Executive, Leslie Morrison, says: “Companies that want to develop a profitable edge must put innovation at the centre of their operations. However, often the pressure of dealing with day-to-day business makes it difficult to get time to be creative and to follow through on ideas.

“Today’s conference is an opportunity for delegates to be inspired by two of the most successful creative thinkers in business today, and to explore in a very practical way how they can make innovation an integral part of their business operations.”

The conference features three interactive Think Different workshops, which will challenge preconceived notions about innovation and help delegates understand how to foster and cultivate the right environment for innovation. The workshops focus on the conference’s three themes: inspire, create and connect and will help delegates develop the tools they need to put these ideas into practice.

“The workshops will show people what motivates them and how they can motivate others. They will also demystify the idea of innovation as a ‘black art’ that is only relevant to big companies,” says Leslie Morrison.

The conference will include an exhibition of Invest NI services, highlighting the full range of support, both advisory and financial, that the agency offers to help businesses become world-class innovators.

“To develop a sustainable local economy, Invest NI believes local businesses must focus on higher value added products and services, innovation, creativity and high workforce skills. Today’s conference will give businesses an insight into what can be achieved when they take time to focus on how they can be different and better than their competitors,” says Leslie Morrison.