Interactive tool helps business assess energy use

Northern Ireland Energy and Environment ‘09 conference organised by Invest Northern Ireland earlier this month has put sustainable business in the spotlight.

The agency is now encouraging all businesses to review their activities and ensure they are maximising their energy cost efficiency and meeting all environmental legislative requirements so as to ensure they remain competitive.

As a first step, businesses can benchmark their performance by using the guidance and interactive tools on Invest NI’s website.  

The environment and efficiency section of the website includes a self-assessment tool that helps businesses find out about environmental legislation and energy efficiency. The tool is in the form of a questionnaire which gathers information on a wide range of issues that have an environmental impact, including the business’s waste, water use, vehicle use and storage of materials.

After completing the questions a report is generated summarising the environmental guidance that is relevant to the business. The report also directs the user to detailed guidance on the NetRegs website. The assessment can help businesses comply with the law, avoid fines and prosecution and save money by using resources more efficiently.

Shauna Fenton, Head of Invest NI’s website, says: “The environment and efficiency section of the website has a huge amount of information about environmental compliance and energy efficiency. It’s an excellent place for businesses to get information that is completely relevant to them, and that could help them to save money.

“The particular value of the interactive tools is that they allow each user to get tailored advice immediately and directly delivered to them. Users can also sign up for e-mail alerts about new or changing regulations.”