Invest NI announces £150,000 property investment for Coleraine

Invest Northern Ireland today revealed details of a £150,000 investment in a Coleraine business park.

The investment at Invest NI’s Wattstown Industrial Estate has already improved the roads infrastructure, which in turn has freed up additional serviced sites that are now ready for new investment by existing client companies and new inward investment. As a direct result of this investment, Invest NI is in discussions with a number of local companies regarding potential expansion plans.

Colin Lewis, Managing Director of Corporate Services, Invest NI said: “The investment at Wattstown is part of an ongoing property strategy that will ensure that Invest NI continues to provide high quality property solutions to client companies, and we are confident as to the buoyancy of future demand for sites.

“Our extensive range of locations and accommodation options ensures that Invest NI can support the growth of local export focused firms, and meet the needs of new overseas-owned companies which may be considering Northern Ireland as a strategic business location.

“Wattstown is a key part of Invest NI’s property portfolio with 8 client companies currently based at the estate, so this infrastructure project is an investment for the future. Whilst our experience in property investment tells us that it can take some time for new activity to come to fruition, we are confident in our ability to attract further investment to the estate and, hopefully, new tenants.”

Welcoming the announcement, Councillor Bradley, Mayor of Coleraine said: “Invest NI continues to work with companies across the Coleraine area, offering support and business advice. This infrastructural development will complement such activities and encourage investment by new and existing businesses, ultimately bringing benefits to the region and the wider economy.”