Invest NI Annual Report Laid Before Parliament

Invest Northern Ireland’s Annual Report 2004–05 has today been laid before the Houses of Parliament at Westminster and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Commenting on the report, Leslie Morrison, Chief Executive, said:

“The report for the year ended 31 March 2005 indicates that Invest NI met, or exceeded, most of its targets.  Among the headline results were:

  • £497 million total planned investment by companies stimulated by Invest NI support;

  • 17 new externally owned investments secured, promising 1,905 jobs (target 11 projects and 1,000 jobs);

  • 71% of these located in nTSN areas (target 75%);

  • £28.3 million private sector investment in R&D levered (target £20 million);

  • 3,824 locally focused business starts (target 2,750);

  • 97 high growth start ups (target 100);

  • 396 business development projects supported (target 375);

  • 1,322 companies took part in trade missions and initiatives  (target 1,000);    

  • 131 companies entered external markets for first time (target 100);

  • 386 companies diversified into new markets (target 200); and

  • 606 companies improved their use of ICT or e-business (target 600).

“I am also pleased to note that this Annual Report has received an unqualified opinion from the Comptroller and Auditor General, illustrating that Invest NI seeks to apply the highest standards of corporate governance in delivering economic development.”

Copies of the report can be viewed and downloaded from Invest NI’s website at