Invest NI helps Braidwater target growth outside Northern Ireland

Braidwater, the Eglinton-based specialist in commercial and residential regeneration schemes for brownfield sites, has received Invest Northern Ireland support to help develop its business outside Northern Ireland.

Invest NI’s North West Regional Office (NWRO) in Londonderry has assisted the company to strengthen its competitiveness through the introduction of a state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and document management system across the business.

The company is investing well over £100,000 on a series of initiatives geared to an expansion of its business in Great Britain and other European markets including Romania, where it is engaged in construction projects.

Invest NI’s support for the investment was announced by Patrick McGinnis, Braidwater Managing Director, and Mary Gormley, NWRO Manager.

Mr McGinnis said: “As part of an expansion programme to increase business, especially outside Northern Ireland, we are upgrading our technology infrastructure. We’ve experienced substantial growth over a number of years and need to strengthen our IT support systems to sustain this and also to provide scope for flexibility and access from a wide range of locations.

“Invest NI helped us to identify our requirements, in developing the technology and IT training programmes that will meet these demands. As a result, we are introducing a complete IT infrastructure to replace all current systems and a document management system suited to the company’s business. The investment also includes the development of a new website and the introduction of essential IT training programmes for all employees.

The investment will also provide the foundations from which we aim to increase market share by enabling us to improve customer response times, overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness in very challenging and competitive markets.”

Mrs Gormley, commenting on the investment by Braidwater, said: “This project is a good example of the expert advice and support that we can provide to ambitious companies for initiatives that will enhance competitiveness, particularly in export markets.

“An Invest NI ICT adviser has worked closely with the company to help management develop a new and scalable technology infrastructure for its continued growth through the regeneration of brownfield sites. It will support this entrepreneurial business as it seeks to develop its export markets through a focus on innovative responses to the requirements of existing and future clients in target markets outside Northern Ireland,” she added.

Based at Eglinton, Braidwater Ltd is a privately owned company which is successfully trading across Europe.  It opened a new office in Liverpool last year and has also been operating in Romania since March 2006. Over 50 per cent of its business is currently outside Northern Ireland.

It has land banks for houses and apartments in north-west England, south-east England, East Midlands, Wales, and Scotland.  There are also plans for further office accommodation in Liverpool.  It uses skilled labour from Northern Ireland to achieve leading edge design and stringent Eco-homes standards.