Invest NI Helps Company Develop Doorway to Success

With R&D assistance from Invest Northern Ireland, a Ballymena company has developed a composite door product that is set to make it a leader in its field and significantly boost sales.

The company’s new product, called Apeer, has many advantages over a uPVC panel door as it uniquely combines the strength, look and feel of a wooden door yet its modern materials perform to the highest industry standards.

New World Development’s managing director, Austin McGillian, says: “Composite doors have been identified as a growth area of the overall door market so we decided to research and develop a composite door with features not currently offered by competitors.

“With Invest NI’s support we were able to develop a highly technical product that has given us a very strong advantage in the marketplace. We anticipate that Apeer will generate up to £3 million in sales over next couple of years.”

New World Developments benefited with support from Invest NI’s Compete programme, which helps companies develop innovative market-led products and manufacturing processes.  

To build the capability required to fully exploit the potential of the new product, Invest NI has also given the company support to employ a factory manager, two regional sales and marketing managers and an IT manager.

John Thompson, Invest NI’s director of Innovation, Research and Technology, says: “Invest NI is keen to support companies in developing innovative new products that can take them into export markets. New World Developments is initially targeting the market in Great Britain, and interest in the Apeer product so far indicates that it will have a significant positive impact on the company’s future growth and profitability.

“The Compete project has also allowed the company to develop R&D capability which means it can continue to innovate and create new products to keep it ahead of the competition and allow it to enter new markets.”

Production of the Apeer composite door range is expected to create 25 new jobs in the company.

The Invest NI Compete Programme is part funded by the EU Building Sustainable Prosperity fund.