Invest NI helps trigger major savings for Canyon

Invest Northern Ireland has helped Mallusk based company, Canyon Europe to save over £700,000.  

Canyon Europe is a subsidiary of Canyon Corporation and was established in 1987. The Company was set up to provide a base for Canyon Corporation’s manufacturing and sales operations as a result of logistical difficulties in servicing these markets from Japan.

The company produces pump dispensers and trigger sprayers and supplies these to customers in markets across the world.

Assistance from Invest NI through its Business Improvement Agent Programme (BIA) looked at a number of areas of the company’s operations, including IT, waste management, material supply service, fuel management and continuous improvement.

The three year programme helps companies improve their operations by systematically examining key processes and procedures.  The BIA programme part funds a dedicated member of staff, who works to achieve savings for the company of at least three times their salary.

Some of the savings achieved by Canyon Europe to date have been in the area of waste management, where the Business Improvement Agent introduced problem solving techniques to identify high waste areas of key manufacturing processes.

Hugh Ross, Managing Director of Canyon Europe, says: “Our Business Improvement Agent has delivered major cost savings to the company and we are seeing increased efficiency and improved working practices as a result of having a key resource to focus on production issues.

“In particular, by implementing a cross functional team approach to reduce and eliminate waste problems, over £100,000 was saved and I am confident that even further savings will roll out over time, increasing the total benefits achieved by our engagement with Invest NI.”

Victor Jordan, Invest NI’s Director of Business Improvement Services, says “Canyon Europe is benefiting from their participation on the BIA programme and has already exceeded the target set at the beginning of the process.  Clearly, this renewed focus on production and waste will continue to deliver bottom line benefits in the longer term.”