The second in a series of regional events to highlight potential opportunities identified by Invest Northern Ireland’s Innovation Relay Centre for companies to collaborate across Europe, has been held at the Siverbirch Hotel, Omagh.

Within Invest NI, the Innovation Relay Centre (IRC) is part of a European network of 68 facilities, spanning 30 countries and is a leading network for the promotion of technology partnerships and transfer mainly between small and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

Explaining how the role of the Innovation Relay Centre can support local businesses to grow, Diarmuid McLean, Director of Innovation, Research and Technology at Invest NI, said “Through our extensive network of sister organisations, we are constantly made aware of European companies and organisations with technologies ready for transfer or with specific problems requiring technological solutions. We seek to identify local companies with whom effective partnerships may be developed and bring these together. In addition, our rapid response bulletin board system ( enables local companies to view summaries of currently available opportunities for technology transfer which exist throughout Europe and request further information.

“Collaboration can be in many different forms - ranging from straight licensing at one end of the scale to collaborative marketing or distribution with technical assistance at the other. This series of match-making events will allow us to introduce local companies to specific opportunities where a partnership may prove mutually beneficial. The opportunities we have identified for companies participating in this, the second of our regional events, are a mix of specific requests from European companies seeking technology and offers of new technologies across a range of sectors, from software, fibre optic networking and medical textiles to timber products and quarrying machinery. ”

Further information on the work of the Innovation Relay Centre is available from the Innovation Relay Centre, Invest NI, 17 Antrim Road, Lisburn, Co Antrim, BT28 3AL, Tel: 028 9262 3181, Email:

The IRC ‘European Matching’ meetings are being held in Newry (19th March), Omagh (25th March), Londonderry (2nd April), Ballymena (9th April) and Belfast (16th April).

The IRC is part funded under the EU Framework 5 Programme.