Invest NI International Team Visits Fermanagh


Invest Northern Ireland’s International Team is spending three days in Fermanagh to learn more about what it has to offer investors and businesses.

The team of 54 is back in Northern Ireland as part of the Invest NI staff conference. The annual conference is an important mechanism for bringing the organisation together to review its performance and achievements, embed corporate values and talk about plans for the future.

Speaking about the International Team’s programme in Fermanagh, Barry McBride, Invest NI Executive Director for International Business said: “Each year internationally based staff come back to Northern Ireland to attend the staff conference. Alongside this we have an additional three day programme specifically for the International team where we visit a part of Northern Ireland and learn more about what it has to offer investors and businesses.

“This year we are visiting Fermanagh, a natural follow-on from the success of the G8 and the international profile that the area received.

“During our stay we will be visiting a selection of companies, both indigenous and inward investors, to hear what their experiences are of doing business in Fermanagh, and how the region has helped their business grow and thrive. These meetings also enable us to develop product knowledge so we can help develop trade links where opportunities arise.

“We will also be attending a session hosted by Fermanagh District Council to hear their sales pitch about what Fermanagh has to offer investors. This is an important opportunity for our team to get more detail around the specific economic plans the Council has and how it plans to position itself to attract inward investment.”