Invest NI Puts Beef Back On International Menu - A Response To Industry

Following industry approaches regarding the imminent lifting of the Beef Export Ban, Invest Northern Ireland has announced that it has placed its trade resources on alert to immediately capitalise on ground work already well under way to exploit this opportunity.


Under the direction of Mr John Whitehead, the Northern Ireland Executive of Food From Britain, the resources of Food From Britain’s nine-strong European office network  are also being placed at the disposal of Northern Ireland companies wishing to immediately  focus on the re-opening of export markets in continental Europe.

Commenting on this development Maynard Mawhinney, Invest NI Director with responsibility for Food said: “The lifting of the beef export ban provides a unique opportunity for Northern Ireland’s meat processing sector to move quickly to reacquire its former high status in the European marketplace.  The Food from Britain resources we manage are being made immediately accessible to any Northern Ireland company wishing to re-engage with European beef buyers.  I am confident that the resources are in place to realise the new opportunities that undoubtedly exist and to signal that the beef export sector in Northern Ireland is open for business.”

Food from Britain, the UK’s strategic and international food and drink export marketing agency is currently contracted directly by Invest NI and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to stimulate and exploit trade development opportunities in International marketplaces.

Mr Whitehead’s appointment and the Food from Britain resource is a direct result of the implementation of the ‘Fit for Market’ report currently being implemented by Invest Northern Ireland and DARD, overseen and guided by the Food Strategy Implementation Partnership.

Food from Britain operates nine offices in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain) as well as a new markets division that works through associates in the Eastern European and Asia/Pacific markets.