Invest NI statement on resignation of US Economic Envoy

Following the announcement that Declan Kelly is to step down from the post of US Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland, Alastair Hamilton, Chief Executive of Invest NI, said: “In recent years Northern Ireland has held the distinction of being the only part of the world to have a dedicated Economic Envoy. In Declan Kelly, we had someone with immense drive, determination and enthusiasm.

“Through his extensive network of contacts and the working group which he established, Declan played a major part in supporting our efforts to bring new, high quality inward investment to Northern Ireland and helped us to gain an unprecedented level of access to the boardrooms of corporate USA.

“He was also instrumental in bringing together some of the most powerful executives in major US corporations at the US Investment Conference last October, hosted by Hillary Clinton, and in convincing a number of businesses to seriously consider Northern Ireland as a potential investment location for the first time.

“We are hugely appreciative of the work which Declan undertook and wish him well in his future endeavours.”