Invest Northern Ireland funds business resource efficiency programme

Northern Ireland businesses could benefit from joining up to a free programme which aims to create new business opportunities through the effective management of resources, including company waste.

The National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) – already established in 11 UK regions – is operating in partnership with Invest Northern Ireland and offers hundreds of businesses the opportunity to develop through innovation and collaboration with other UK companies.

NISP recently marked its entry into Northern Ireland, by holding its first ‘Quick Wins’ workshop, attracting over 31 businesses including many well known Northern Ireland companies, such as Diageo and Tyrone Crystal.   

Using its industrial symbiosis approach, the programme helps businesses to create sustainable commercial opportunities through the commercial trading of resources including materials, energy and water, and the sharing of assets, logistics and expertise.  This unique approach brings together businesses from across all sectors and sizes to help identify opportunities to improve specific resource flows and business efficiency.

Successful ‘synergies’ created between businesses can generate cost reductions and new sales for the companies involved – therefore having a positive effect on the bottom line. Meanwhile, there are significant environmental benefits such as the diversion of waste from landfill and reduced greenhouse gases.   

Commenting on the NISP’s entry into Northern Ireland, Peter Laybourn, Director of NISP said: “Over the last two years, NISP has rapidly rolled out across every UK region, thanks to the demand by businesses for the programme.  Northern Ireland is the final piece in the UK jigsaw and we are excited by the potential this has for further synergies, and therefore, more business opportunities for current and new members.

“By having a broad and diverse membership base, NISP is ideally placed to assist industry in meeting both business and climate change challenges and we very much welcome Northern Ireland businesses on board the programme.”   

Victor Jordan, Invest Northern Ireland’s Director of Business Improvement Services, said: “Invest Northern Ireland offers a range of services to help businesses make more efficient use of waste and energy.  NISP will complement our existing support for business by helping local companies identify collaborative opportunities to save money, improve resource efficiency and reduce environmental impact.  We are delighted to be facilitating the introduction of this programme in Northern Ireland.”

NISP Northern Ireland has a team of Belfast based practitioners to deliver the programme and work alongside businesses to facilitate new relationships and identify potential synergies.    Becoming a member of NISP provides access to new business opportunities, workshops, events and free support from NISP’s experienced industrial symbiosis practitioners.  To find out more about NISP or to join the programme visit: or telephone 028 9069 8049.