Invest Northern Ireland helps construction companies

A three-stage initiative to help construction companies and suppliers in the North West to grow their business through a focus on sustainable products and services and modern building techniques is being launched by Invest Northern Ireland next month.

Invest NI’s North West Regional Office (NWRO) in Londonderry has developed a ‘Construct for Growth’ pilot programme in response to the problems currently being experienced by the construction industry.  

The initiative, announced by Des Gartland, NWRO Manager, aims to help companies to pinpoint new business by exploring the growing demand for ‘sustainable’ products and services in line with environmental requirements, as well as those from the latest building techniques.

Mr Gartland said: “The programme is a 3-step process starting with a breakfast seminar, followed by a workshop, and culminating in a visit to the Building Research Establishment’s, (BRE), Innovation Park in Watford, a recognised centre of expertise in sustainable technology and new building techniques.

“The programme will help companies to appreciate how the sustainable agenda and modern construction techniques will impact on their business, understand how market leaders are responding to ensure business success, and network with local and international business leaders. It will also help companies identify collaboration opportunities with others to drive innovation, explore ‘Best in Class’ technology at BRE, and learn how Invest NI can support their business through innovation and collaboration,” he said.

The programme starts with a breakfast seminar in Magherafelt on 10th September, which involves a workshop the following week and will culminate in the visit to BRE on 24th September.

Speakers at the breakfast seminar include: Neil Gibson, Director of Regional Services, Oxford Economics; Zara Lamont, Performance Improvement Director, Carillion Plc, a major international construction corporation; Sam McCloskey of White Young Green, and Gerry McCaughey, founder and former Chief Executive of Kingspan Century Homes.

The workshop at Draperstown will focus on opportunities and threats and help companies to develop strategies for growth using the relevant techniques and support programmes.

The visit to BRE Innovation Park near Watford, will enable companies to see the very latest in innovative sustainable products and modern construction methods.  The park features demonstration properties showcasing near zero-carbon homes and modern methods of construction, including Kingspan’s Lighthouse, and over 200 different innovative and emerging technologies.