Invest Northern Ireland Helps Local Firm Make a Better Connection

The Belmore Court Motel in Enniskillen has made real business improvements with the help of Invest Northern Ireland. With support from the agency’s broadband advisory service, co-funded by the EU Building Sustainable Prosperity fund, the Motel has made considerable cost savings and increased its share of Internet sourced business by 43%.  

The Belmore Court Motel sought to reduce their overall expenditure on on-line services as well as offer internet and e-mail facilities to their guests. The Motel’s management team also wanted to encourage an increase in on-line booking and improve their e-marketing capabilities.

With Invest NI’s help the Motel has installed broadband which has meant that wireless internet access is now available to all guests, online bookings are now running at 50 per month, the motel’s e-marketing campaigns are more effective and internet access is now available at all times with no extra cost.

Terry McCartney, owner and manager of the Belmore Court Motel commented: “Broadband has helped modernise our Motel, bringing it up to speed with rival guest houses and giving the customer what they now expect from first rate accommodation. By adopting this technology we have managed to retain our competitive edge in what is a very crowded industry.”

Commenting on the importance of broadband for business Alan Neville, Director of Knowledge Management with Invest NI said: “It is widely acknowledged that broadband connectivity is having a major influence on enhancing the competitiveness of businesses. By using this technology local firms across Northern Ireland will be able to put themselves on a level playing field with rival companies worldwide.”

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