Invest Northern Ireland Helps Local Firms Avoid the Weakest Link

As part of the strategic development of Northern Ireland’s materials handling sector, Invest Northern Ireland has organised a company networking and development initiative called the ‘Better Business Programme’.

Designed as a pilot for ten Invest NI client companies from across mid-Ulster, the programme consists of six workshop sessions, all based in Dungannon to run throughout spring/summer 2005.

The fourth workshop in the series called ‘The Weakest Link’ was recently held in Quinn’s Corner, Edencrannon. Delivered by Dr Bob Howill the workshop was designed to help businesses operating within the sector to identify gaps or weaknesses in their existing processes with the use of appropriate measures for monitoring performance.

The overall aim of the Better Business Programme is to improve the stand alone capability of small manufacturing companies across the region, help promote increased product diversification, best practice manufacturing and improve the standards of marketing and general management within this highly important business sector.

All companies participating in the pilot programme will also receive follow-up support from Invest NI client executives to help enhance their competitiveness and exporting capabilities.  

Kevin McCann, Director of Transport, Construction and Tourism with Invest NI commented:

“This new pilot programme is proving to be very successful and we are delighted with the positive response we have received from all of our participating client companies. By concentrating on the common development needs of materials handling businesses this programme is helping us to achieve our long-term strategic objectives to promote increased product diversification, innovation, and export development for this sector.”