Invest Northern Ireland Helps Local Guesthouse Make Better Connections

Invest Northern Ireland has helped the Albany Guesthouse in Portrush make better connections for its guests through the adoption of broadband technology.

Holder of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board guest house of the year award for 2004/2005 the Hotel underwent a recent refurbishment to enhance its facilities and the owners Eddie Gorman and Lawrence McKee contacted Invest NI’s e-business team, to discuss what new technological advancements they could adopt to increase customer satisfaction.

“As part of our recent refurbishment process we wanted to provide broadband internet access for our guests as a value added service. Very few other guesthouses were doing this and we felt that it would increase our competitive edge and help attract more international customers,” said Eddie Gorman, one of the owners of Albany Lodge.

“We wouldn’t have chosen the solution we did without the support from Invest NI, their expertise and help gave us the confidence we needed to go that one step further,” he continued.

Installing broadband has led to a number of real business benefits for the company as well as improving its overall communication capability.

“We needed a fast reliable connection to the internet for email and website access, this has enabled us to market ourselves in a more efficient manner and communicate with potential guests more effectively. The internet has also offered favourable results to our bottom line; we are receiving 29% of our bookings online and 23% from repeat business,” said Eddie.

Commenting on the importance of broadband for business Alan Neville, Director of Knowledge Management with Invest NI said:

“It is widely acknowledged that broadband connectivity is having a major influence on enhancing the competitiveness of business. By using this technology local firms across Northern Ireland can make real cost savings whilst expanding their client base.”