Invest Northern Ireland Launch a £12 Million Programme of Support to Boost Entrepreneurial Activity

Invest Northern Ireland today unveiled a £12million programme of support to help encourage entrepreneurial activity and increase the number of new business start’s over the next year.

The programme which incorporates phase two of the ‘Go For It’ campaign was unveiled to a select audience of young people, business organisations, and representatives from the education sector at an event held in the Balmoral Conference Centre, King’s Hall, Belfast.

Speaking at the launch Fabian Monds, Chairman of Invest NI said: “This programme of support represents a new chapter in our efforts to achieve the economic vision for Northern Ireland as set out in the recent consultation document launched by the Secretary of State.”

“It will also help bring our Accelerating Entrepreneurship Strategy to life and deliver positive messages about starting a business to potential entrepreneurs and the private, public and voluntary bodies that have a key role to play in supporting entrepreneurship.”

In the next twelve months it is anticipated that the new programme of support will generate over 22,000 enquiries from people interested in starting a business. This should lead to over 3,000 new business starts, with a combined sales turnover of £133million and could potentially create over 6,000 new jobs.  

Speaking at the event Leslie Morrison, Chief Executive of Invest NI said:

“Today is about moving ‘Go For It’ forward as part of our collective efforts to stimulate enterprise. These efforts include not only this campaign but all the activity that focuses on supporting entrepreneurs, including the Start a Business Programme which is funded in partnership with our local councils and delivered by Enterprise NI’s network of local enterprise agencies.

“The major priority for the ‘Go For It’ campaign as we move forward will be to help enact a cultural shift where people feel confident enough to start and succeed in business,” he continued.

Commenting on the future of the programme of support Professor Terri Scott, Managing Director of Clients and Entrepreneurship said: “The ‘Go For It’ campaign has been the impetus for thousands of people to take those first few steps towards success in business. However there is still a huge task ahead to build a culture that embraces and celebrates enterprise in all walks of life. This programme of support is intended to keep the spotlight on entrepreneurship and the many possibilities for enterprise that are open to people.”