Jobs Fund Performance Good News for Local Business: Foster

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Arlene Foster, has announced that Invest Northern Ireland’s Jobs Fund has exceeded its Programme for Government target to create 4,000 jobs by March 2014.

Arlene Foster said: “When the Jobs Fund was introduced in November 2011 it was set a target to create 4,000 jobs by March this year, and promote 6,300 jobs by March 2015. I pleased to announce that not only have these targets been met but they have been exceeded ahead of schedule.

“The Jobs Fund has been instrumental in helping local companies create new jobs quickly. Most recent figures show that as of the end of December 2013 the Fund has promoted over 7,500 jobs. With over 4,177 jobs created, this initiative is really delivering for businesses, helping them to create the jobs they need to grow and develop.

“This initiative was introduced by Invest NI when businesses were facing difficulties due to the economic downturn. The performance of the Jobs Fund speaks for itself in how it has clearly met the needs of businesses. Not only has it created new employment in Northern Ireland, but the Fund has also helped the 1,687 companies to win new business, reach new markets and grow.

“This will have a real and positive impact on our local economy.”

The Jobs Fund includes a number of measures to help support creating employment – streamlined processes to help local businesses create jobs quickly, funding to support new business start-ups by those in Neighbourhood Renewal Areas (NRA), those Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) and by social enterprises. It also provides support to create new jobs in a range of key sectors where Northern Ireland has previously had success in attracting investment.